A downloadable ExBFM for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Extreme Beach Football Manager

ExBFM is a fantasy themed football manager game, made with Java Swing. The game is influenced a bit by Blitzball from Final Fantasy X and is a fresh take on the football manager genre with fantasy elements, items, health bars, skills, dozens of unique characters etc.

Rise to fame or eat the blame

In ExBFM you take the role of a manager in a beach football team. Your job is to create winning strategies, handle player transfers/contracts, purchase and use items, set training schedules, balance finances, grow your teams fan base, keep your players and the team owner happy and ultimately to win the championship, if you have what it takes.

The game is difficult, it's meant to be too difficult to be completed on the first try. The owners expectations for you are high and getting fired results in a game over. Try to come up with creative tactics and remember your goals.


ExBFM is a .jar file and is programmed using Java Swing. You need to have (a somewhat recent version of) java installed on your computer in order to run it. If you have java and the game doesn't run, please uninstall java (Java Runtime Environment) from your computer and download a more recent version from the internet.


ExtremeBeachFootballManager.jar 95 MB

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